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Fresh Sounds from all over Germany: This year too, the New Music Award, a prize for the best young German musician(s), will be the illustrious conclusion to Berlin Music Week. A jury will choose a successor to Munich band Exclusive, who triumphed last year. Nine exciting acts, selected in recent weeks by ARD’s youth radio broadcasters, are in the running. The artists chosen will compete against each other in a big finale. On the 7th of September they’ll get a chance to win over an audience and the jury with their performance, playing live in Berlin‘s Admiralspalast.

From indie-pop to electro-rap, from Augsburg to Jever: we’ve got it all!

Ranging from acoustic blues-rock and funky indie-pop through to electro-rap, the many facets of Germany‘s current music landscape will be showcased on a single day, with musicians coming from places as far apart as Augsburg and Jever. AnnenMayKantereitis a band of former buskers characterised by profound texts and a melancholy sound. Tom Thaler & Basil and Drehmoment represent a very different genre, namely hip-hop, each of them in a very different way. eRRdeKA, who impressed everyone at the First We Take Berlin festival last year, also has a style rooted in rap. Singer Lary will present her “Future German Wave” sound in the battle for the award, and also on show will be indie-pop to dance to by This Void, PewPew with their shrill synth-sound, pensive pop from Heinrich and indie-disco-rap from Faakmarwin.

As well as the award, winners will receive a voucher worth 10,000 Euros

A jury made up of representatives from the participating broadcasters and music industry experts will decide who gets to take the award home in the finale. As well as a brilliant award, the winner(s) will be given a voucher to buy music equipment worth 10,000 Euros.

wanted – a successor to bonaparte, kraftklub & exclusive

The New Music Award is one of Germany’s most important prizes for young musicians and bands and is a co-production involving all ARD‘s youth radio broadcasters. It seeks to discover aspiring artists and promote them nationally. The participating broadcasters are Bremen Vier (Radio Bremen), DASDING (SWR), 1LIVE (WDR), Fritz (rbb), MDR SPUTNIK, N-JOY (NDR), PULS (BR), 103.7 UnserDing (SR) and YOU FM (hr). This award is a groundbreaking stepping stone for newcomers to the music world, offering artists access to a large audience through the support provided by the nine ARD youth radio broadcasters and the inclusion of the competition in Berlin Music Week. New Music Award winners in previous years have included Bonaparte from Berlin, Kraftklub from Chemnitz and OK Kid (formerly Jona:S) from Giessen.

In 2014 the New Music Award will again be sponsored by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH with project funding provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, Professor Monika Grütters, based on a resolution passed by the German parliament (Bundestag).

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