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Who wants yesterday's charts?


Since the internet changed the music industry irretrievably, it is only logical, that it will also change how listening habits are measured. Music streaming numbers have been included in our single charts and we can access the global streaming figures online. But this only the beginning: Billboard and Twitter announced to present music charts in realtime and Shazam, the music recognition service, can even predict the next chart-breaker before a single CD has been sold.

All the more we’re happy we won such renowned and inspiring panelists like Jon Davies (Music Partnerships Manager, Shazam, UK), Dr. Mathias Giloth (MD of Germany’s market intelligence agency GfK Entertainment), Felix Pace (Head of Music & Entertainment Germany, Twitter) and Stefan Zilch (GSA MD, Spotify) for the panel “Who wants yesterday’s charts?”. Together we will look ahead into the future of realtime music charts.

Berlin Music Week 2014:
Music Released

In the wake of digitalisation and global connectivity, music, including other media content, has been freed from its physical medium. Depending on one’s point of view, this liberation could be good or bad. The fact is, this process has changed the music industry and music scene forever. Under the motto MUSIC RELEASED, the WORD! conference of the Berlin Music Week 2014 will address these processes, introduce new players and stakeholders, and shine a light on economic structures, while also presenting a whole new way of looking at the music industry.

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