News / 12 March


In the city on the Spree, the next renowned cooperative partner for the Berlin Music Week 2013 can now be announced: Telekom Innovation Laboratories. Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) is the central research and innovation department of Deutsche Telekom. T-Labs maintains a network of start-ups in Germany, Silicon Valley and Israel and has given rise to a successful series of joint venture enterprises such as Trust2Core, Appzonaut and SureNow. The basis of its collaboration with Berlin Music Week will be the Long Night of Start Ups, held on the 7th of September. The Long Night of Start Ups will offer Berliners opportunities to personally experience the city‘s start-ups, get to know the diverse range of their apps and products, and try out premium services. In a world now unimaginable without smartphones and music and their integration into daily life, the partnership between Berlin Music Week and the Long Night of Start-Ups is more than meaningful and extremely promising.

Those who have registered for the WORD! conference and business platform gain automatic entry to the Long Night of Start Ups with their registration.

More information will be available soon!

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