First We Take The Streets

First We Take The Streets

O2World Spree Bar
4. September - 5. September

From 4.-5. September there’ll be a premiere as part of this year‘s Berlin Music Week: First We Take The Streets. First We Take The Streets offers musicians, artists and sound artists living in Berlin a unique platform: between 3pm and 8pm there’ll be several spots and stages between Postbahnhof Berlin and Eastside Gallery for you to present yourself to the public. Highlight and gem of this street music festival is the o2 World Spree Bar, building the mainstage at the waterfront at the river Spree - facing the o2 World arena. This mainstage will exclusively be curated by local heroes Mighty Oaks.

The event is organized by the makers of Berlin Music Week in co-operation with the o2 World, the organizers oft he showcase festival First We Take Berlin as well as radio station Flux FM; the event is free to the public.

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Running-Order // Mainstage

o2 World Spreebar curated by Mighty Oaks

Thursday, 4. September
Il Tempo Gigante 15:00
Parasite Single 16:10
Jackson Dyer 17:20
Racing Glaciers 18:30

Friday, 5. September
Alice Phoebe Lou
Alice Boman 17:00
Still Parade 18:10
Aloa Input 19:20


What The Truck?! Vevo geht auf die Straße

Friday, 5. September
o2 World
Lary 16:00
Heisskalt 16:30
Sierra Kid 17:30
Chakuza 18:15


Running Order // 10 Spots

(Thursday & Friday // 3pm until 8pm)

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Line up

Il Tempo Gigante 4. September / 15:00
Parasite Single 4. September / 16:10
Jackson Dyer 4. September / 17:20
Racing Glaciers 4. September / 18:30
Alice Phoebe Lou 5. September / 15:20
Lary 5. September / 16:00
Heisskalt 5. September / 16:30
Alice Boman 5. September / 17:00
Sierra Kid 5. September / 17:30
Still Parade 5. September / 18:10
Chakuza 5. September / 18:15
Aloa Input 5. September / 19:20