Thorsten Lütz

Karaoke Kalk is a record label founded in 1997 in Cologne. Over the past 17 years the label has amounted a superb catalog totaling well over 60 releases by a dazzling array of artists. Some of the most notable musicians include Scottish post-jazz pianist Bill Wells, To Rococo Rot bassist Mapstation aka Stefan Schneider and the meister of prepared-piano Hauschka. Besides all these well known names Karaoke Kalk is very much about supporting new talent. In 2004 the label relocated from Cologne to Berlin where label head Thorsten Lütz aka DJ Strobocop is extremely active with regular appearances at some of the best clubs around town. In 2005 Karaoke Kalk spawned the Kalk Pets sublabel again proving the Kalk's ongoing support of the clubscene with a focus on remix 12“s. Since 2006 the label has had its own publisher too – Karaoke Kalk Musikverlag – empowering its artists to retain control of their rights.


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