Ruth Daniel

Ruth Daniel founded Un-Convention in 2008, a global grassroots music event and community with a presence in 25 countries delivering 60 music infrastucture development events in 5 years. Un-Convention understands that the most interesting stuff happens on the margins. Un-Convention doesn’t believe in ‘do it yourself’ but believes in ‘do it together’.

Ruth is co-founder of The Global Music Network with Fora Do Eixo, Brazil, a community that aims to mobilise ideas, music and free digital tools to empower the grassroots globally. This will bring ground breaking digital tools to the UK to help organise emerging musicians and develop new audiences outside their hometowns.

Ruth is Co-Director of In Place of War based at The University of Manchester, that represents artists in sites of armed conflict. She has pioneered the development of a creative entrepreneurial programme that will be delivered in the world’s most challenging contexts to give creative people the skills they need to make a sustainable living from their art. As a first for a University to develop these tools, Ruth is calling this academic punk rock.

Ruth is the Director of multifacted creative organisation AGENCIA, which has offices in UK and Africa, working internationally to harness creativity to make change. AGENCIA has partners in over 40 countries and has a range of projects – all focussed around strengthening and developing the creative infrtastructre across the world. Ruth is currently developing two music spaces in the Rochina favela of Rio, Brazil and the Makokoba township of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She is on the Board of AIM and an advisor to FAC.


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