Nina Nedreaas

I have experience from a handful of disciplines, but my core passion is always finding that great idea. My background is from the product design and advertising industry, where I have been involved in a wide range of projects; developing mobile services and apps, designing toothbrush packaging and creating 360 degrees advertising campaigns. I have been Head of Creative Labs in Universal Music for 8 months, shaping the department into an internal ad agency inside Universal Music. Creative Labs creates marketing campaigns for artists and album releases on a large and small scale - with a strong focus on digital. It's great fun to be able to combine my love for music with my experience from creative industries.

Today it's about engaging people where they are. I'm passionate about creating campaigns that merge the digital and analogue world, using technology in new ways to achieve that. The most exciting thing happening now is the way a bunch of disciplines are crossing over into each other. Advertising isn't advertising any more – it has to somehow serve a purpose for the user, as entertainment or as an aid - otherwise you are wasting your money.


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