Betty Dittrich

Betty Dittrich, born Emma Elisabeth Dittrich, is a Swedish musician and songwriter based in Berlin. Her musical journey began at a young age, and as a teenager she embarked on 4 years of musical studies which awoke her desire to write songs. She joined the power-pop band Shebang, with which she released an album in Sweden and Japan in 2007. After the band split up, she began work on her solo material. Upon moving to Germany in 2010, she commenced a German-language project that ultimately led to a solo album released by EMI in 2013 under the name Betty Dittrich. Following this album, she took part in the German final
of the Eurovision Song Contest. Recently, Betty took a seat in the producer’s chair, and is working on an album for her new project "Qveen Elizabeth", with its first single coming out this fall.


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