Artur Schock

Artur Schock says about himself: "I didn’t learn the profession of booking, neither did I receive training or study cultural sciences. Lots of my friends became musicians because they had no interest in living a regular live. And that’s also the way I came to doing what I do. At first we organized concerts because there was nothing happening in our town except dumb student parties and overpriced shows of rockstars who meant nothing to us. We met people everywhere who thought the same way we did. We started touring, because we wanted to go outside and drink for free. At some point we started organizing concerts for our friends. That was a long time ago, but it’s still the basis for our work today. Even when the challenges we have to face now and the expectations of our artists are a lot higher, we try not to forget where we came from - and that this is about much more than making as much money as possible."


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