Panel – 5. September

Streaming, Plays, Views, Klicks – Who is paying the production costs of the future?

15:15 - 16:15

Longer periods of amortisation, usage based revenue models, advances, crowdfunding – how are labels and artists able to finance their future music productions in a technological and highly digitalized and atomized environment? Who will take part in the investment called "album"? Will playlists be the new album, completely changing the way of monetizing mediatypes? Which promotion is realizable through streaming platforms and which setup is the most promising one? Which streaming platforms create alternate ways of remuneration and added value? Starting with a short impulse speech, Hamburg-based independent digital distributor finetunes wants to give an introduction to the subject and offer first concepts, ideas and pegs.

In the following interview round guests like Flowin' Immo (German HipHop artist, current album: "Geschlossene Gesellschaft"), Julian Butz (Management We Invented Paris, Children, Still Parade & label representative Serve & Volley Records), Sveinung Rindal (WiMP Music) and others about experiences, requirements and challenges.

Host will be David Balfour (finetunes, Record of the Day)