Panel – 5. September

Fast Forward – Norwegian Experiences with the Digitalization of the Music Market

12:00 - 13:00
Fritz 1

In 2012, digital downloads and streaming services surpassed for the first time physical revenues in the Norwegian music market. The usage of music streaming is widespread in Norway, with about 65% of revenues in the recorded music industry being generated by streaming. In other words, streaming is now the main way of music consumption for the average Norwegian. At the same time, overall sales in recorded music have risen from 2012 to 2013 by 11%, mainly through the increase in streaming numbers. – source

What are the lessons learnt from the digitalization of the music market in Norway? What were the key factors behind spread of digital music, and are those experiences transferrable to other countries? Are the monetization models any different than elsewhere? What would Norwegian protagonists in digital music recommend for others, in other countries, who are on their way, but not quite there? Is this a model of the future for others, or is this case particular to Norwegian circumstances? 

Host: Cecilie Asker (Aftenposten)

MashUP Challenge: Do you want to develop the best and most innovative concert app for Oslo? 

Did you know Oslo is one of the most vibrant live music cities in Europe, and that the outspoken ambition from politicians and music industry alike is to make Oslo into The Music Capital of Europe? This concert app is an important step in that direction. 

The deadline for sending us your idea is Oktober 05.

 The prize:

• Public presentation of the app at by:Larm 2015 in Oslo with press present

• Festival passes to by:Larm 2015

• Become a part of the MashUP team and its activities (read more at

• 4.000,- Euro in cash  

Things to consider: 

• The app should be a channel for every single live music activity in Oslo

• The app should be easy to use for all the concert arrangers wishing to add their events

• The app should be focused on interaction with concert audiences

• The app should integrate with the user’s own music playlists