Panel – 5. September

Two decades of MP3

11:00 - 12:00

Does it matter that a whole generation hasn't heard the music like it was made?

Countless hours are spent at making music in recording studios all over the world. Artists and producers invest their talent, soul and time in making the best product possible. A whole generation ended up hearing only parts of that experience because we had to, in the early days of Internet (when we spelled it with a capital I), shave away enough of the music to fit it through the pipes. When you cut away enough music, at one point your foot stops tapping. You want to get off the dance floor and your goosebumps disappear. Is quality audio only for old men? With vinyl back on the agenda and full quality streaming - is audio quality and music listening back on the agenda for the MP3-generation?

Host: Pal Bratelund