Panel – 4. September

Defining the ultimate home music experience BY SONOS

11:45 - 12:45
Fritz Lounge

We live in a post-consumer electronics world. When you invest in a product, you are making a transaction towards an experience, not an object in itself. Music lovers are saturated with choice, making finding new music a challenge. Meanwhile, artists must navigate an increasingly complex media landscape to reach new audiences. How can we reduce the barriers between music lovers and music; artists and their audience? How can we create new and deeper connections to music though better products and services? How might data influence the music industry and music listeners? What new types of user experiences do we need to create to facilitate better connections between artists and fans? From the artist perspective, would be interesting to explore questions as what do they think people wants from music nowadays and the role of musicians in the community. How technology is contributing to give artists creative freedom? Are artists today more in control of their own music and distribution? How new media, and music services are re-shaping their relationships with fans?