News / 26 May

Independent Music Publishing Forum & more at the VUT Indie Days

A new sort of media expertise at the VUT Indie Days

For the first time the VUT Indie Days are featuring a music workshop for children and the young at heart (ages 3 to 70 are warmly welcome to attend). With the help of iPads and iPhones the German electronic music producer AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti) will lead an intuitive introduction to music so that participants can learn to make music themselves; ultimately an iPad orchestra will take shape. In Finland, the artist works with adolescents and children in both a Sound Lab and in nature, where she introduces them to mobile, electronic music. As an instructional aid she and a code artist have developed the music app “Sound Map Hailuoto”, which offers participants of the VUT Indie Days workshop an approach to music that is both playful and practical. More on the Sound Map Hailuoto app can be found here!

Independent Music Publishers Forum is confirmed for the Indie Days

We are happy to announce that the IMP Forum will convene in Berlin. The IMP Forum comprises independent, European music publishers and focuses on the challenges faced by independent music publishing houses. Solutions to these challenges will be collectively explored. The chairman is Pierre Mossiat (Strictly Confidential); his deputies are Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde (Budde Music) and Francesca Trainini (Oyez!).

B2B Day, 5 September 2014, is taking shape

We’re looking forward to the book and record shop, the trade fair stands, matchmaking sessions, exciting workshops, the presence of Ulrich Sourisseau and his Vinyl Recorder and, and, and …

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