News / 25 February

Spot on: Interactive music, tech & startups @ WORD! conference

What happens when music is set free? It’s not just about new digital players entering the field, sometimes the starters have to get off the pitch or find new positions. To some extent, the rules of the game have changed, or a game changer, like Apple in its time, comes along and completely levels the playing field with a new device and its associated ecosystem.

Music Startup Corner | The Music Startup Corner will introduce the next generation of digital newcomers. The focus of the second edition of the elevator pitch format will be on young interactive music companies emerging from international startup hubs such as Tel Aviv, London and Stockholm.

Tech & Innovation Ecosystem | WORD! will once again devote a conference module to the issue of ‘venture capital’ as well as provide an effective matchmaking mechanism for investors and startups.

Music Streaming & Music Tech | The most recent game changer, music streaming, is being taken up by both newcomers and old hands alike. The conference will also take a closer look at this new field as well as music technology, which has become firmly established in Berlin thanks to two world leaders in the field.

Music Hackathon – Creativity & Innovation | For the first time ever, this year’s Berlin Music Week will host a Music Hackathon. Coders from all over Europe are expected to attend.

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