Alex Dallas

After buying many Soul, Funk, Jazz and Abstract Hip-Hop Records for years, Alex started dj-ing in 1994, two years later their project Natural High Prod. was a driving force in Zürich's music and club scene. In 1998 Alex started the label Straight Ahead Recordings and produced together with Alex Gustafson forward thinking broken-beat inspired dance music as Earthbound. In 2002 Straight Ahead Recordings closed and Alex found himself in a new role as member/co-owner of the now legendary Dachkanine club.

In 2006 the DK closed and Alex started the Zukunft Club in Zürich. In 2007 he found in the like-minded Ron Shiller and Tobi Foster the right friends to start the Drumpoet Community. In the meantime Alex started another club called Cabaret for 4 years from 2009-2013. On the production side Alex was never super-busy on releasing music, there's a couple of 12"es, remixes for people like Joakim, Soulphiction and Underwolves to name just a few and some exclusive tunes for Compilations out under names such as The Lost Men and the above mentioned.

At the first place Alex still sees himself as a DJ, always on the run to find the perfect groove with honest and futuristic blueprints! To cut it short we can use the words of a swiss journalist who described Alex like this: "A man with a super big heart for good music!"


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