Panel – 4. September

Revolution Girl Style Now! (Bikini Kill) – How To Achieve Diversity In The Music Business

16:00 - 17:00

More than 20 years after the Riot Grrrl movement the music industry still lacks diversity. What has changed since then and what has not? Taking the role of women as an example, the panelists will discuss the status quo as well as possible strategies to create a more diverse music industry. What are the consequences for cultural diversity, if for example the majority of artists is white, male and has a university degree? And what are the implications for music businesses and their success? Do we really need measures to increase diversity or are they redundant? Bringing together people from different areas of the music industry to exchange their views and experiences, the panel will also address the challenges for women in the music business and how both, men and women, can change the situation on the creative as well as on the business side. This panel will not focus on complaining about the status quo but on finding possible solutions to achieve a more diverse music industry.

Host: Sonja Eismann (Missy Magazine)