Panel – 5. September

Surviving Streaming: How insight into listening patterns and the streaming model provide maps for the future

17:30 - 18:30

Currently, Norway is among the most advanced streaming markets in the world, with around 3 of 4 Norwegians using music streaming services. The research project Clouds & Concerts at the University of Oslo has studied how people use streaming service WiMP Music since 2010. This talk presents key results that can help artists and labels better understand and survive in the new era of access-based music. It addresses questions every artist and label should ask about how to make and release music based on how people actually listen. And last, but not least, the talk discusses key challenges with the way revenue is shared with artists in the current ‘pro rata model’ used by the major streaming services, and shows how alternative ways of distributing subscription fees and ad revenues could provide a more sustainable streaming model for the future.