Panel – 5. September

The 13 Most Insidious, Pervasive Lies of the Modern Music Industry

10:00 - 11:00
Fritz 2

If you’re happy with the way the music industry turned out, then maybe you're living in a fantasy land. Because all of the wonderful possibilities we thought would happen never quite materialized, and many of the myths we believe in are simply untrue. There's more music than ever before , and more musicians making that music, but the class of power-players is just as small or smaller than it was in the past . And, from the perspective of the artist, the money is smaller as well, with survival a full-time pursuit for even the ‘successful’ artists among us. But even the most powerful companies – like Spotify – are struggling as well, and fighting for scraps against the most powerful behemoth of them all, YouTube. So how did we get here, and why do we still believe in fairy tales and unicorns? In this brutally honest keynote, Digital Music News publisher Paul Resnikoff dismantles some of the most pernicious myths of the modern music industry, and discusses why we insist on believing them. Get ready for a refreshingly honest and highly-interactive discussion.