Panel – 4. September

How to best support artists nowadays? – Artist Support I

15:15 - 16:15
Fritz 1

In the past years, pop culture has received increased attention by public culture funding bodies. Many musicians today search for funding opportunities (public and private money) to finance their next album or tour, rather than relying entirely on the market. In some cases, e.g. Zoolabs or RBMA, private money flows into training or publicity for upcoming artists.

In this panel, we bring together three innovative thinkers on artist support to share their visions and experiences on how best to go about helping musicians in the current economic and cultural settings. Is it about building and supporting infrastructures or providing equipment, do artists need training and mentoring, or should we establish musician residencies (as in the fine arts)? How do we allow for artists' time to create great pop music – low cost of living, increased entrepreneurial skills, a monthly stipend, or access to networks of collaborators? And do different forms of support make sense at different times in an artist's career? How can future artist support programmes be structured, and which gaps need to be addressed?

Host: Alexandra Droener