Panel – 5. September

Give Life Back To Music

14:00 - 14:30
WiMP Lounge

HiFi music streaming drives passion for music and increases willingness to pay

The huge amount of new music and the unlimited availability across all formats may cause music to be devalued by its own existence. We will show you how heavily curated quality music drives the passion for music and increases the willingness to pay. Let’s take a look back to the golden age of record stores, and the position of the clerk behind the desk. What was lost in the transition between physical and digital music, and what has been achieved?

Inspired by last years track “Give Life Back To Music” by Daft Punk, Sveinung Rindal from WiMP will divine the future of listening – not in the sense of background sounds or the constant stream of music in shopping centers, but more in the traditional way of listening to high quality records through modern equipment. As the consumption of music rises, it is interesting to see how HiFi music streaming differentiates from low-quality superficial noise.