Panel – 4. September

Is content really king? – Digital challenges and the fixation on numbers

14:05 - 14:15
Fritz Lounge

For labels and especially musicians the rise of Digital and Social Media has brought up some great new chances for creating, sharing, distributing and selling their music. In theory, a band from a small town in Bavaria could now grow a fanbase in Brazil. Sounds easy, if there wasn’t this big "BUT". Undoubtedly labels and musicians are facing both new chances but also new challenges alike. Defining new ways of marketing, being creative, staying up-to-date about platforms - basically they need to wear more hats than ever before. And over all this looms a fixation on numbers. In Social Media it’s common word that content is king. So why are we so fixated on numbers like fans, followers and likes?

An event by the IMMF in co-operation with Google/YouTube