Panel – 4. September

Hacking the business model

15:15 - 16:15

The maker movement in music – from hackerspaces to music fab labs

Today the „makers“ exploring the intersections of traditionally separated domains and producing their own musical experience with other like minded people by using new technology and social media, which creates new knowledge repositories for everyone. This learning-by-doing in a social environment as well as sharing and re-using of musical ideas happens outside of the existing boundaries. If this will bring more joy and a bigger individual fulfillment then listening to ready-made music, why should we buy or sell music in the future?

This leads to a disruption of the music creation and selling business model. But making music with anything and connecting creativity to all these new sensors should be open to everybody. While MusicTechFest brings together the pioneers, an easy-to-use technology platform should enable every creative person to use technology and tools, in the future music fab labs.