Panel – 5. September

Artist Subscriptions

12:00 - 13:00

The Future Music Business Model Which Is Already Here

One of the most effective "direct to fan" business models has always been an "artist subscription" – a music act or a record label setting up a membership program for their most loyal followers. A subscription platform allows fans to access exclusive content, reach out directly to an artist, and gain a unique experience, all by paying a monthly fee. Today, with new technologies, tools, and – even more importantly – fans used to subscribing to online services, this concept is getting more practical and real than ever before.

It's one of the most demanding and time-consuming, but also the most profitable ways of a direct-to-fan monetisation. A recent Deadmau5 Live project is one of numerous examples of artists jumping on board.

You don't have to have a fanbase of the Deadmau5 scale to build your own membership program though, the concept is applicable not just to A-list celebrities. Any band or a musician, even with a modest following, can try it out. On this panel, Andrew Apanov will explain how to set up an Artist Subscription platform with little investments, and how to make it successful.